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A fresh start-up, e-commerce, newsportal, a corporate website, personal blog site, platform or whatever your dream idea is. ADN Servers is here to back it up with the best web infrastructure in the business. Choose from a wealth of options from the very basic web hosting to virtual and dedicated servers to your very own cloud infrastructure. Let’s take care of your technology while you concentrate on growing your business.


Explore our wide range of hosting plans, select one and get started instantly. Remember, the best time is now!

Web Hosting

Just starting out? Looking for a small web hosting package to just get your project off the ground? Here are some basic packages composed of bare minimum specifications to get you started.

From $9.10

CMS Hosting

Packed with a bigger storage, higher RAM, 1 click installation for WordPress and other 400+ CMSs and a host of other powerful features. Perfect if you are looking for something stronger yet within budget.

From $30.12

Virtual Private Server

Using virtualization technology VPS simulates the experience of a private server at a fraction of the cost. A powerful server is split into several with virtual layers so that users won’t have to share CPU, RAM or their data with any other users.

From $120.46

Dedicated Server

Fully Dedicated Servers just for you. Ideal if you are anticipating a surge in growth for your website. Best for security, performance & flexibility since the server will be wholly & completely under your control. Perfect for hosting your CRM, ERP or any software.

From $364.78
per 3 months

Find the perfect Domain Name for your business.

A brilliant and catchy domain name is the first tool in the digital branding kit. Register your domain before someone else takes it up.

ADN Servers – Who are we?

We are a digital solution provider, facilitating you the best Web Hosting, Virtual Private Servers, Domain Names, SSL Certificates and other Security & Managed Cloud Services.

ADN Servers, one of the most popular platform developed by ADN Digital, was developed with the idea of simplifying the purchase, installation and usage of web infrastructure in mind. Management of infrastructure for your web assets such as websites, applications, software & ERPs can be quite a hassle and requires an entire army of developers and engineers at your disposal. We are here to cut down those management costs for you while still delivering the best web hosting experience.

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Why Go For ADN Servers?

Easily Manageable

From purchasing new services to optimizing and using existing ones, is extremely easy on the ADN Servers. Domain, hosting or managed cloud services are very easy to start within a minute. Our skilled team is always here to support you along with our tools and mechanism.

Fast & Strong

Our datacenters located all across the globe – USA, Singapore, Europe have servers built with SSD drives and strengthened with LiteSpeed Webservers. 99.9% uptime ensures that you can provide seamless service to your clients during mission critical times. This gives your web infrastructure the speed and strength it will need to meet the e-commerce and online appetite of the modern consumer.

Ensures Top Security

In this day and age of information leaks, Cyber Security is of the utmost concern. We have taken all possible measures to make your hosting, the data inside and your experience as safe as possible. From SSL Certificates, DDoS Protection, Spam Protection, IP Deny, HotLink & Directory Protection and Free Daily Back-ups you have everything to be secured and prepare for times of any emergency.

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