When you buy a web hosting in Bangladesh, you will definitely find technical problems at least once in a while! So isn’t it better to take precaution before facing the problems that would arise? Sometimes it looks like very silly mistakes can happen, even you would solve the problems within few seconds. Rather you search on google to get a solution or call an expert. Prepare yourself to explore the blog post to find out the solutions that you are looking for:

  1. “Why the latest changes are not shown on the website?”
Do you know that the solution to this problem can be done within a few seconds? How? Refresh your website as the changes may have been hidden in your browser’s cache. Sometimes the regular refresh doesn’t work. So get prepared to do a hard refresh. Let’s have a look at the cache cleaning process: How to clean cache on Mozilla Firefox? These are the steps to follow: -Open Firefox. -On the top menu bar, click on the Firefox menu. -Choose the Preferences option. -Select the Advanced panel. -Click the Network tab. -In the Cached Web Content section, click Clear Now. -Exit and relaunch the browser.   How to clean cache on Google Chrome? -Open Google Chrome. -Click the Chrome menu button (three vertical dots). -Click More Tools -Select Clear Browsing Data -In the dialog box that appears, select the items you want to remove. -Click "Clear browsing data" & select timeframe. -Restart browser.
  1. “What should I do when my website is showing ‘down’ sign”?
In this case, don’t panic! Don’t think that your website may have been attacked by hackers. Or someone is trying to login to your site surpass your data. Your hosting platform’s server may be facing downtime problems. So your next step will be calling the hosting platform’s call center as you need to get the solution ASAP. Especially, if you have an e-commerce platform, you may lose your precious clients & most awaited revenue. So better call or raise a ticket on the hosting platform’s helpline. Or, you can find out the problems by exploring DNS settings. If you are not techy enough to solve the problems on your own, then consult with the hosting provider. I have another great solution for you. You can shift your hosting to ADNSERVERS as the provider has the best record on web hosting security & up-time. You will also be enlightened with the 99% uptime facilities with a money-back guarantee.  
  1. “My website isn’t displaying any image that I uploaded. What is the solution”?
Most likely that your uploaded images are in the wrong folder. Then you need to find out where your images are supposed to be. Right click on the image and select “Open image in a new tab” to find out the image location by checking the URL. Then move/ replace the image into that location. On the other hand, you have another EASY solution! It may sound silly but it surprisingly works for most of the cases; Just re-upload the image. Your image will be shown in the place where it should be placed.  
  1. “My website’s layout isn’t perfect; I want to change it!”
You may feel that you are not comfortable with your website’s layout. Then how will you change it? Even your texts are not aligned accordingly. This issue may happen to your website if your website’s cascading style sheet (CSS) file is missing. -Re-uploading the entire site can be a solution as sometimes cascading style sheet (CSS) isn’t showing the right place where it should be placed. -Find out the CSS file’s location where it should be stored. If it’s not placed the right area, then move/ replace it. Hopefully, you have got few solutions on what you are looking for on the internet about web hosting regular problems. To explore hosting related blogs click. To know more about web hosting click Are you looking for the Best Hosting Service for Small Business? Click the link to buy NOW!