Why do you have to think twice before selecting the best domain name? Why do you need to care about a website's name selection? Is there any connection between domain name & website traffic?

Want to get answers to THESE questions? Then you have come to the right place. Explore the blog post to find the answers:

.com Must Get the Top Priority:

Do you believe in the term ‘UNIVERSAL’? .com domain name comes automatically in our head. People who aren’t that technology-friendly, always try to type .com after any site’s name. Even few people think .com domain is the universal term for a website. Still general people have a doubt that .net, .biz, .org or .ANYTHINGELSETHANCOM isn’t a real website.

Would you like to confuse your customer with the different domain name selection? Then go for a .com domain name. You are already safe to build a bunch of regular customer for your website.

A fact keeps in your head that Smartphone users are the most likely to visit your site. And the X-FACTOR is smartphone keyboards automatically have a .com button!

Lastly, Dot-com domains are also the most memorable to any customer.

Visitors Prefer Shorter Domain:

[caption id="attachment_10925" align="aligncenter" width="637"]Domain name Domain name[/caption]

Do you want to type long letters to visit a website? Do you love the broader domain name? All of your answers will be ‘NO’ unless you have plenty of time. That’s why your domain name selection gets a higher priority. So without any hesitation, keep your website name as shorter as possible.

Because long name offers a bigger chance of doing spelling mistake! People will get confused while typing the long domain name.

Make things easier for your visitors. Your domain name selection will be perfect by choosing a short name.

Watch Out for Keywords:

keywords in your domain can help you rank higher in Google. Make sure that your keywords are present in your website's name. With the help of good quality content & your website's name, Google will value your site higher than your competitors!

Other than that your keyword in website's name suggests googling that what your website about.  You have to be creative enough to select the best domain option from the availability.

Don’t Use Hyphens:

The hyphen is one of the signs of spam domain! Do you want to make your customers’ confused? The hyphen is also the king of a typo. Your visitors will obviously make a typo while typing hyphen included the website's name. Do you want to take the chance to mislead your potential clients?

Of course NOT! Then don’t use hyphen while selecting the best website's name for your site.

Make a Catchy & Brandable Domain Name:

Your visitor’s don’t have plenty of time to search the specific name of your site. You must come up with a brandable & unique name for your website. Because a catchy or unique name stays longer in the customer’s mind. But be careful with your website name selection! The name should not only be unique but also brandable too.

Would you like to stay a long time in the customer’s mind? Work on a catchy & brandable website name.

Now The big question is, where will you find the best domain platform to book your desired domain?

Visit the page to book your favourite domain! GOOD LUCK! :)