Planning for your website? Or a website for your business? Good. We are in an ever-developing digital world. Website is our frontline identity in this more digitally involved than ever world. Do you wanna know a secret on how to maintain a website smoothly. But before that, let me ask you something. What do you think a website's success relies upon? Allow me to give you the answer right away. It is the web hosting services and its system the said website installs. Healthy web hosting services help with the worthiness and reliability to a website.


A domain is the name of your website. Nothing more than that. But this is the frontline of your identity. But the domain naming is far from being less important matter. Nomenclature of your domain is something that you and your brand will get recognised by as long as your business or target of a said domain exist. You want something that what your brand stands for. You want something that stands out at the same time. Do you want to you know how many .com domain alone exist today? No one knows the real number. Approximately there are over 123.78 million registered .com domain names around the world. You have to make it stand out among your competitors. Source: Critic Thoughts.

Web Hosting Services


You would want your website visits to have a good browsing experience. Trust me you would not want to compromise on this one at any cost. Or else, this is cost you your business. These days most visitors are using mobile phones. And, did you know nearly 50% of these mobile users leave a webpage that takes more than just 10 seconds to load on their screen. And, 60% of these mobile users never return to those sites again. Source: Critic Thoughts.

Now how do we make our sites load within our visitors' attention span? Install a hosting service with sufficient storage capacity. If your site needs 5GB hosting support and you are expecting massive turn up try for 10GB or over. Well, hostings usually come at budget-friendly price plans. And there are the free ones. One free tip, just remembers you will get what you would pay for. Now, that bit is said and cleared, let's talk about what to look out for when picking the right sort of web hosting services for your company. Let me list down all the key points and issues.

C-panel Access

It's a must. It is so normal that feels like we don't even need to talk about it. But I will have you know there are hosting service provider companies do not provide c-panel access to their users. Trust me, you would want full control over your hosting service. 

OS System

Look for what kind of OS system your hosting provider company's web hosting services supporting. Well, here are mainly 2 types of OS system for hosting packages: 

  • Linux servers and
  • Windows servers.

Try to consult a developer to make sure you are picking the right one according to your need. 

Web hosting type

Many many types of hosting services are there right now. 

  1. Shared: Budget-friendly. As the name suggests it is a shared service.  
  2. VPS: Dedicated hosting service. But it only exists virtually. 
  3. Dedicated Hosting: Dedicated hosting service. And, has physically exists too. 
  4. CMS Hosting: Best if you are planning only maintain contents in your site. 
  5. Cloud Computing: You can use the remote servers on this kind of hosting system. You can use it when you need something other than the local server system or even the personal computing system.
  6. Reseller support: Do you want to sell hosting solutions? This is the kind you want to go for. Just make sure you are picking a userfriendly system provider for your resell business.

Web Hosting Service Picking Tips:

  • Check the yearly rate policy of the company you're considering to get the service from. 
  • Make sure you have a clear picture of all of their discount for longer-term packages. 
  • Pick the right package plan. You can always ask for a customised plan made for just your need.  
  • Look for any additional charges with after the package prices. Like, setup charge.
  • Take full control over your hosting plan. You want full access to cPanel, it is a bigger deal than we take it to be.
  • Check the bandwidth plan along with ample enough virtual storage system for a smooth ride. 
  • Virtual Memory: In short it is a storage allocation scheme. In layman's term, it is a memory management system. Virtual Memory works as secondary memory. It uses both hardware and software for its implementation when it maps memory addresses by the help of its software. So you should be looking out of ample enough of virtual memory support with the hosting package you choose. 
  • It is best not to have any downtime at all. Aim for the highest uptime rate in your local market.
  • You would want unlimited email accounts option. Not that you need to have zillions number of email ids, always good to have the option.
  • We have insurance guarantees on our home, car, life. Should we treat frontline soldier in different? 
  • Are you being offered daily or regular backup policy? You want it.
  • It is very important to have SSL certification support for your website. Nobody should be able to afford to fool around when it comes to security.
  • Are you getting spam protection? 
  • When you will be working to make your website score better on the search engine result, you would require directory protection.
  • It is always best to have easy apps ready to install by simply one click. 
  • What kind of domain parking facility they are offering? Are they offering unlimited or limited domain parking facility? 
  • Are there or how much is the cost of domain or website content transferring charge?
  • Will you be getting unlimited subdomains support? 
  • Are you getting options on database supporting system?
  • Last one. Do they have any additional website builder facility? It is a great thing if they do. You can become your very own developer then. 
  • Are they offering round the clock supporting system? The quality of support a company offers says a lot about their entire business. 

Hope my writing helps you and friends. Let me know your queries and feedback. I live to serve.